Damotator 2009 cs6 Xtreme

Damotator 2009 cs6 Xtreme

My dearest best friend, Adam Azkia.
I want to tell you a secret. Back to D’javu movie I have no idea what the fuck I am doing! hahahaha. I always wish I invented time machine and travel back to 2010 and punch my self in the face and make a better version of d’javu. I am terribly sorry for that movie.
and about Tierani Dwitasari. I realized that was a fuckin’ stupid imagination affected from the desperation of loneliness. and pathetic. stupid cons. I am stupid loneliness fags.
you are the only beings in the universe who’s ever survive a week home staying with this fuckin retarded gorilla. and you are the first beings in the universe who’s successfully forced me to watch fuckin Thailand pussy drama.
you are a great person back then. I thankfully for the record of my desperate story of illness on your blog with title ‘Lama Daku Rindu’ I really love that one. I mean it.
when you are start growing 4 years ago. I am stop. I was stupid back then. I was like Nokia. arrogant, think I am invincible, and stop learning, and defeated. and right after defeated I run away like a small hen wear a tie. coward. and gone
today you are even greater. if there is something that I should learn from you is to never stop learning. you always fight your battle with joy. and you won. you are. now I am the peasant and you are the designer master race... nope, that was over compliment, not yet but if you keep on your path you will. just keep learning gay.
I must learn from you. I have learn from you. and I grateful for that.
I am not The Great Jays Maulana anymore, not even Garelo Jae anymore. I lost my greatness long time ago, now I just a fuckin peasant man, a farmer, a beggar, who sing viva la vida.
but I am fine, I take what I deserve today. and soon I will gain my victory.
there are so many things in life that we never understand. but my lie back then was your first door you have to open to become who you are today. don’t thank me, praise Allah.
so have fun, joy, rejoice, dove, sunsilk, head n shoulder, clear gay! keep what you do on the track, don’t forget to pick a partner cause your dick have another function than just peeing. be great and don’t stop except you need to pee or poop. hahahahah

Just an unimportant NPC. Bandoeng, November 14th 1876
P.s.t: sosoan make English meh gaya, padahal mah loba nu salah kajeun.

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